Florida Home Inspections Miami Dade Broward Palm Beach. Team Tripp Contracting, Inc. can inspect your new home or building during or after construction providing you with “quality assurance” as to whether your builder is following the plans and best practices while it is easier to get problems resolved. Providing services throughout Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, Florida.

Some buyers feel that an independent inspection is unnecessary because the home is new, and the city or county was doing inspections all along. This however is not the case. Those inspectors are inspecting for code issues and not looking at anything else. We have found that despite warranties and assurances from the builder that they will be there to fix anything that comes up in the first year that needs repair, this is often not the case. Best to find things before the builder packs up.

We understand that you’re excited to complete your home purchase and move into your new house. Before you go through the final steps, though, take the time to have the house thoroughly inspected. This can help protect you from expensive repairs and may even give you the ability to negotiate a cheaper purchase price.



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