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Wind Mitigation Inspections are often requested or required by insurers in wind-prone regions. During our inspection, we check for roof features that can prevent or reduce roof damage during a storm event, such as how the roof is shaped and how it’s attached to the walls below it. Homes with strong wind mitigation features will often receive a credit that reduces the cost of home insurance.

4-Point Inspections help us understand the state of several important systems in the home: the roof, heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. Insurers typically request a 4-Point Inspection so they know these components are in good working order.

We understand that you’re excited to complete your home purchase and move into your new house. Before you go through the final steps, though, take the time to have the house thoroughly inspected. This can help protect you from expensive repairs and may even give you the ability to negotiate a cheaper purchase price.




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